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Food4All (F4A), the Luxembourgish startup fighting food waste in Europe, announces its launch today on the Estonian market through 8 outlets in Tartu*, Estonia. This is a partnership with RIMI, the leading retailer in the Baltic region with over 300 shops in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

RIMI's interest in F4A dates to 2021, during the FutureHub accelerator programme, where the retail operator selected the start-up from over 200 companies to facilitate and further enable its fight against food waste. Estonia is the 2nd country in which the application is present.

RIMI is a trusted brand where quality, safety, freshness and affordability come together. All RIMI private label products are thoroughly tested and comply with a demanding quality, environmental, health and social responsibility charter. It is to make the daily life of consumers easier that this brand exists, and given our fight against food waste, it was obvious that F4A joins them for a better tomorrow, says Ilana Devillers, founder and CEO of F4A (Food4All).

A launch with new features

F4A will now be operational in Tartu, Estonia. This new launch is an opportunity for the application to make updates and to offer Estonian customers, but also other European customers, to enjoy new features:

  • Search for partner shops with a practical MAP view

From now on, the application will be able to geolocate any user and suggest partner shops around him. In the blink of an eye, it is now possible to choose a RIMI shop or a local shop in Luxembourg and see the available offers.

  • Create a list of FAVOURITE partner shops

Every consumer has a favourite outlet, whether for practical reasons (close to home) or purely emotional reasons (neighbourhood that evokes memories). That's why F4A now allows you to create a list of favourite partner shops from all the cities in which the application is present.

  • Calculate the CO2 emissions “SAVED”

It's not widely known but buying food products that are close to their expiry date can reduce CO2 emissions. F4A now offers its users the possibility to track their environmental impact in normal times.

Food waste is an issue which is very important to Rimi and since the Foodbank was established in Estonia, we have been partners, Today we can proudly say that Rimi is the biggest contributor for rescued food from retailers in Estonia.

Vaido Padumäe, CEO Baltic Group

“We do understand that tackling food waste it has to come from each action of retailer and it has to be looked from each corner of our operations. Therefore is the cooperation with F4A launch very nice addition to our existing actions. No to mention that its unique in our local market and we have high hopes it will succeed,” he adds.

Social and environmental responsibility in the heart of the Baltic region

RIMI is under the umbrella of ICA Gruppen, a leading Swedish retail company focused on food quality and health. With sustainable production and consumption at its core,

RIMI is taking steps to reduce its environmental impact. For example, between 2006 and 2021, the company has reduced its emissions by 83% and is striving to achieve a net-zero climate impact for its own operations by 2030.

In addition, considering current events, RIMI is committed to helping Ukrainians through job offers, fundraising and donations in its shops. In an effort to show solidarity, the group is offering 200 jobs to Ukrainian refugees and is asking its customers to participate in support activities to deal with the situation in Ukraine.

Ukrainian products are highlighted on shop shelves so that every shopper has the opportunity to help the Ukrainian economy through their daily product choices. RIMI customers can also make donations on the Rimi e-store or use their loyalty points to help Ukrainian refugees.

The alliance between F4A and RIMI makes sense because both entities share common values of solidarity, sharing, trust and quality, with the vision of making life easier for everyone.

*The partners shops in Tartu are: Rimi LHM Lõunakeskus, Rimi SHM Rebase, Rimi MR Kesklinna, Rimi MR Aardla, Rimi MR Kaunase, Rimi MR Tuglase, Rimi SM Tasku et Rimi SM Sepa.


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