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Media Kit

Your Resource Centre about Startup Luxembourg 



    Startup ecosystem portrait

    This presentation provides a full overview of Luxembourg's dynamic startup ecosystem - a must-read for those willing to understand and dive deeper into Startup Luxembourg.  

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    All players and partners of Luxembourg's startup ecosystem are welcome to use our logo in accordance with our brand guidelines. Contact us to request the Startup Luxembourg brand elements.

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    Startup Guide

    Startup Guide Luxembourg

    Startup Guide helps entrepreneurs navigate and connect with different startup ecosystems across the world through testimonials and portraits. Explore Luxembourg's startup ecosystem now or order the printed version here.

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    The ecosystem video

    Here is a 1-minute overview of our booming startup ecosystem.

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    Tadaweb - Genna Elvin

    Video testimonials

    Several startups active in various sectors and at different levels of development tell us why they chose Luxembourg as their base for growth.

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    10 good reasons to choose lux-2

    Ten good reasons to choose Luxembourg

    Are you looking for a great place to launch or scale up your business?Then Luxembourg is the smart choice.


    Do you have any questions about Luxembourg’s startup ecosystem? 

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