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Startup Luxembourg

Startup Luxembourg is a public initiative
supported by the Ministry of the Economy
to connect, support and promote the startup ecosystem.

The Luxembourg difference

From startup to scale up, they started in Luxembourg with a brilliant idea
and the motivation to change or disrupt. Today they are international, employing tens or hundreds of people and generating revenues of millions of euros.

There is no better place to start a business than Luxembourg. There is very little bureaucracy and it is particularly thanks to the support we have received from the government and startup incubators that we have managed to grow so quickly.


Robert Glaesener-1

Robert Glaesener
CEO Talkwalker

Luxembourg was the ideal place to serve as a proof of concept, with a much lower investment than if we had had to do it in a big city like London or Berlin.


Patrick Kersten-2

Patrick Kersten
Founder & CEO Doctena

Luxembourg has been a key location for entrepreneurship for us, due to the numerous opportunities for financial aid available. We benefited from a lot of them and this helped us grow, recruit and start our American adventure.


Virginie Simon-1

Virginie Simon
Founder & CEO MyScienceWork


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