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Set up and grow from the heart of Europe
A vibrant, dynamic and agile environment for startups.

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    Luxembourg in a nutshell



    The Luxembourg difference

    From startup to scale up, they started in Luxembourg with a brilliant idea and the motivation to change or disrupt.
    Today they are international, employing tens or hundreds of people and generating revenues of millions of euros.

    Our Success Stories


    There is no better place to start a business than Luxembourg. There is very little bureaucracy and it is particularly thanks to the support we have received from the government and startup incubators that we have managed to grow so quickly.

    Robert Glaesener

    Robert Glaesener
    Former CEO Talkwalker

    We came to Luxembourg as we found it to be a better place to develop our technology. Our business model is also such that we have few but large customers. Luxembourg gave us access to some very large institutions.


    Ryan Dodd 
    Founder & CEO of American start-up Cyberhedge

    Luxembourg has been a key location for entrepreneurship for us, due to the numerous opportunities for financial aid available. We benefited from a lot of them and this helped us grow, recruit and start our American adventure.

    Virginie Simon-1

    Virginie Simon
    Founder & CEO MyScienceWork

    Luxembourg is a great place to make partnerships with other companies and organisations and offers a great funding environment. The country is also much more friendly to environmental services like ours than the US.



    Royce Dalby
    President of Hydrosat

    This small and dynamic country is somehow extremely commited to supporting startups.



    Kevin Muller
    CEO, PassBolt


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