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    A future-oriented startup community

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    Luxembourg is home to a fast-growing startup ecosystem focusing on emerging technologies in fields such as fintech, ICT, cybersecurity, healthtech, cleantech, indutech and space. The country’s dynamic startup community is made up of international entrepreneurs, many of which base their entrepreneurial venture on solid experience of doing business in a multinational and cross-border market environment.


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    An attractive investment hub

    Luxembourg is a leading financial centre and hosts key players such as the European Investment Bank and the European Investment Fund, so it is hardly surprising that it is also home to an investor community. Working together in forums such as Luxembourg Business Angels Network (LBAN) and Luxembourg Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (LPEA), investors also invest alongside public bodies through public-private funds, for example the Digital Tech Fund and the Luxembourg Future Fund.

    Personal contacts are the leitmotif of Luxembourg’s close-knit start-up community. Do you want to meet high-potential entrepreneurs with ideas that match your investment portfolio? Feel free to contact us!

    The Luxembourg difference

    From startup to scale up, they started in Luxembourg with a brilliant idea and the motivation to change or disrupt.
    Today they are international, employing tens or hundreds of people and generating revenues of millions of euros.

    Our Success Stories



    biggest investment fund centre
    in the world



    largest listing of greenbonds
    in the world



    most globalised economy in the world
    2019 KOP Globalisation Index

    Institutional support


    With 90,000 affiliated members, accounting for 75% of total employment and representing 80% of GDP, it plays a key role in the startup ecosystem with its House of Startups.
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    Develops Luxembourg’s financial services industry and identifies new business opportunities, including new Fintech solutions.
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    Promotes the commercial space sector in Luxembourg and supports innovative startups in the space segment.
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    Provides tailored services to startups including support in defining their go-to-market strategy and advice about suitable public business grants or access to private investors.
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    Is the main public institution for co-financing innovative businesses.
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    Public funding

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    A €150 million fund which aims to stimulate the diversification and sustainable development of the Luxembourg economy.
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    Provides seed and venture financing to entrepreneurs running innovative startup companies active in the field of digital technologies.
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    All the public financial schemes for Luxembourg companies are available on Guichet.lu, the State information portal.
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    Is a driving force for Luxembourg’s innovation
    and research initiatives.
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    Focuses on the mid and long-term financing of Luxembourg companies by providing loans to foster investment and innovation.
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    Professional organisations

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    The Luxembourg Bankers’ Association is the oldest and largest professional association in the financial sector.
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    The Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry represents the face and voice of the Luxembourg asset management and investment fund community.
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    The Luxembourg Business Angel Network aims at gathering scalable and disrupting start-ups with private investors to unlock their potentials..
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    The Luxembourg Private Equity & Venture Capital Association plays a leading role locally actively promotes PE and VC in Luxembourg.
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