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Primary launchpad for the European markets

Are you looking for a gateway to the European market or a testbed for a new product?
Luxembourg is the perfect place to start or scale your entrepreneurial project.

Your base for growth in Europe

With its central location and multicultural population, Luxembourg can be leveraged by startups as an ideal test market to develop concepts and explore new products/services. Research centres are open to jointly push your innovative concepts forward.

Small and international, Luxembourg is seen as a neutral location making it easy for you to gain a foothold on the culturally diverse European markets and facilitate access to global partners in order to grow.

An interconnected country

  • Luxembourg borders two of the EU’s main consumer markets, France and Germany
  • 47% of the inhabitants are foreigners
  • The international talent pool available is ideal for setting up a team able to deal with European customers in their own languages and culture
  • In Luxembourg, you can do business and set up your company in French, German and English. The majority of Luxembourgers speak four languages and English is widely used.

Why Luxembourg?

“For people thinking about opening an office or setting up a European HQ here, I tell them the truth: if you are willing to commit, the government provides an enormous help.”
Ryan Dodd

Former CEO Talkwalker

“Here in the financial hub of Europe, we received great support from the local regulators, banking partners and access to the vast talent pool available to support our growth.”
Aaron Shuai Lu-min
Aaron Shuai LU

Co-founder of PingPong

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