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Ecosystem overview

Every business starts with a great idea!
Luxembourg's dynamic, open and reliable ecosystem
will help you reach your entrepreneurial goals.

Turn your idea into reality

Even for the most aspiring entrepreneurs, turning an idea into a successful startup can look complex and challenging.

  • How can i set up, fund and launch my own business?
  • How can i test my idea and my assumptions about the market?
  • What incubator and accelerator can help me launch?
  • How do i incorporate my company and find office facilities?

A dynamic, open and reliable ecosystem

Our fast growing and dynamic ecoystem provides full support and clarity to entrepreneurs during the ideation phase. One of Luxembourg's greatest advantages is the fast accessibility to economic and political decision-makers. Our open and business-friendly environment facilitates your access to the ecosystem and makes your onboarding as smooth as possible.

“It is quite easy to get in touch with the right people as everyone is quite approachable, most of the time just an email or a phone call away. This means accessing quickly valuable knowledge which is the cornerstone of any startup.”
kevin muller
Kevin Muller
Cofounder Passbolt

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