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The Luxembourg-based startup Zortify closed its seed round of funding in March 2022, resulting in a total of €3.05 million raised since the company was founded in September 2018.

This new investment confirms the potential of the company to act as a leader in Natural Langue Processing (NLP) for decision making and accelerates the sales of its AI-based solutions. The capital increase will primarily support the further development in the forward-looking combination of NLP technology and computational visualisation.

By using ground-breaking technologies, Zortify is well on track to be a leader in Deep Tech in the field of Natural Langue Processing.” Prof. Dr. Florian Feltes, CEO and Co-founder of Zortify

He adds: This approach combined with a compelling business model fits perfectly with the increasing need for easy-to-use and understandable data analysis especially in the text and language domain. Here is the chance to close the current need gap and become one of the leading companies. The current investment round gives us the chance to further strengthen our great team and be even faster in development.”

One of the most promising deep tech company in Luxembourg

Founded 2018 in the heart of Europe, Zortify strive for better decision making based on AI. The startup is considered to be one of the most innovative and promising deep tech companies from Luxembourg where experts from all over the world find an inclusive and inspiring working environment.

By generating additional layers of information that are not visible to the human eye, our product solutions are at the cutting edge of technology. Dr. Marcus Heidbrink, Co-founder of Zortify

We are very proud of our journey so far. Our AI is able to translate the most complex
(text) data into understandable insights.  In this way, we aim to empower our customers to make
better and more sustainable decisions,” he says.

Zortify products are based on the latest applied research and practical expertise in data & computer science,  NLP, visual computing, psychology and people analytics to push decision making to a next level.

Zortify develops technology with the goal of gaining data insights and making them accessible, understandable and usable for better decision making.


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