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The future of work is not a distant concept—it’s about us as individuals and the various professional ecosystems we inhabit. Zortify strongly believes that in the future, human resources (HR) systems and related technologies will no longer be centralized forces but will seamlessly integrate into our daily lives to support employee well-being and healthier organizational cultures.

At the Zortify Summer School, the participants are invited to delve into this transformative vision and become a catalyst for shaping the future of work.

Why Zortify? In addition to being one of Luxembourg’s coolest AI startups, Zortify also is an accredited research institute with ongoing academic and industrial collaborations in the domains of Natural Language Processing (NLP), machine learning, and explainable AI.

The program brings together the knowledge, tools, and networks to empower academic researchers and industry professionals to take an active role in the ethical and human-centered development of workplace AI.

Zortify Summer School Overview

Important dates

  • Application deadline: 23:59 CET, 28th of July, 2023
  • Notification of acceptance: ongoing, 5-7 days after registration

Who should apply

  • Motivated PhD students, postdocs and researchers working in the fields of computer science, psychology, user experience design
  • Industry professionals who work in a research capacity or for whom this summer school can further your professional development


  • Module 1: At the crossroads of computer science, design, and psychology — an interdisciplinary approach to the future of work
  • Module 2: The future of work is us — human experience management (HXM) and NLP for workplace well-being
  • Module 3: From n-grams to LLMs — historical perspectives, new advances, and future opportunities in NLP and computational linguistics
  • Module 4: Human in the loop — user experience (UX) design for the future of relational workplace technologies
  • Module 5: Building ethical tech — data collection, processing, privacy, & ethics
  • Module 6: Telling your story — interactive narratives and data visualizations
  • Module 7: Make it make sense — explainable artificial intelligence (XAI)


  • Interest in an interdisciplinary approach to research and real-world problem solving
  • Python skills are useful but not mandatory
  • A desire for networking at the heart of Europe

Further information: https://zortify.com/summer-school/

Contact person for applicants: Christopher Morse, co-director of ZortifyLabs: christopher@zortify.com

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Founded in 2018 in heart of Europe, we strive for better decision-making based on artificial intelligence.

Register now

PwC Luxembourg – 2, rue Gerhard Mercator L-2182 Luxembourg

9am - 6pm



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