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Come join us at the event of the Space Apps 2023 in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg! We welcome humankind to be a part of an aspiring and engaging community working together to address major challenges in space and on Earth. So, check below the webpage and register today.

In collaboration with NASA Transform to Open Science (TOPS), the 2023 NASA Space Apps Challenge theme is "Explore Open Science Together." Thus, this year's theme celebrates the benefits and successes created through the equitable and open sharing of knowledge.

Space Apps is a hackathon inviting a global community of aspirants, builders, coders, developers, enthusiasts, freelancers, graduates, helpmates, innovators, job-seekers, keepers, learners, managers, newcomers, optimists, professionals, qualifiers, rookies, scientists, technologists, undergraduates, victors, well-wishers, Xers, youths, zealots, and all humans to come together and build project solutions to challenges using NASA’s open data.

SAC Nasa

Space Apps 2023

Space Apps is funded by NASA's Earth Science Division through a contract with Booz Allen Hamilton, Mindgrub, and SecondMuse.

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