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Motion-S, the Luxembourg-based innovative company, is proud to announce that it has been certified by Early Metrics, a rating agency for startups and innovative SMEs, bringing an objective methodology to assessing a company’s potential growth thanks to both qualitative and quantitative metrics. Moreover, Early Metrics works on identifying emerging tech trends across multiple industries.

Founded in 2014 as the first spin-off of the SnT, Motion-S developed in its early phase mobile apps to support insurers in creating driving behaviour analysis campaigns.

Motion-S is a data-driven analytics solution provider in the mobility ecosystem and a trusted partner for companies from multiple industries providing them with the most advanced, accurate, and customized solutions on the market, focusing on risk assessment, energy efficiency, vehicle wear analytics, and electrification transition assessment.

Being rated in the Top 20% of more than 4000 companies, with only 13 of them headquartered in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, confirms that Motion-S is an established player in the mobility data analytics landscape.” German Castignani, CEO of Motion-S.

He adds: “It’s been great to work with the analysts at Early Metrics, and we’re delighted by this encouraging rating result.

Rating startups and tech companies

As an independent agency, Early Metrics has developed a scientific methodology to identify emerging tech players and assess their growth potential. It, therefore, provides the right tools for decision-makers from funds and corporates to discover, qualify and engage with innovative companies.


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