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The campus, which is expected to open its doors in 2024, will be dedicated to digital health and personalised medicine.

Luxembourg is home to a young, dynamic healthtech community including over 130 companies, half of which were founded less than 10 years ago. The number of companies that have a digital focus is constantly increasing.

They work on the digitalisation of all aspects of health and the patients’ medical journey and develop smart health products and services centred on personalised and digital medicine. The new healthtech campus will considerably boost the development of the sector.

Personal medicine solutions based on digital health

The future Health And Life science Innovation (HE:AL) Campus will primarily target companies active in the fields of medical devices, in vitro diagnostics, and digital health tools and services. It will also be open to R&D, innovation and production activities, as well as to health technologies consulting and services.

It will offer infrastructure to healthtech companies that want to set up offices in Luxembourg, thereby contributing to the development of key technologies for the implementation of personalised medicine solutions based on the use of health data enabled through artificial intelligence.

The campus will further contribute to the development of the health sciences and technologies sector in Luxembourg, which has experienced great growth in recent years.” Franz Fayot, Luxembourg Minister of the Economy

The HE:AL Campus will complement existing structures such as the House of BioHealth, a hosting facility with office and lab spaces for both established and start-up companies in the fields of biotech, cleantech and ICT. 

Becoming a key player in healthtech innovation

The ambition of the HE:AL Campus is to create a unique, integrated platform linked with research, healthcare and health economics. The campus will be located between the House of BioHealth, a future major hospital centre servicing the south of Luxembourg and the nearby City of Sciences that hosts the University of Luxembourg as well as several of the country’s major research organisations and business incubators.

It will thus be a geographical bridge between research, innovation and the medical sector, which are all key innovation partners in the health technologies ecosystem.

Luxembourg has all the cards in hand to become a key player in life sciences innovation.Jean-Paul Scheuren, manager of the Innovation Cluster

The campus will be “phygital”, combining physical infrastructure with digital features in order to promote networking and residents’ access to new services on the local as well as the international level. “The HE:AL Campus is a highly ambitious project,” said Jean-Paul Scheuren, manager of the company Innovation Cluster that has the lead on the initiative. “However, Luxembourg has all the cards in hand to become a key player in life sciences innovation, on the scientific as well as the economic and democratic levels.”


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