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Luxembourg's foremost ecotechnology incubator has announced the launch of a new website, which will enable it to carry out its mission of reducing environmental footprints by supporting "green tech" startups.

The Innovation Hub Dudelange is a dynamic incubator that specialises in empowering startups focused on ecotechnologies.

Its goal is to contribute significantly to ecological sustainability, both in Dudelange and Luxembourg as a whole, based on the premise that innovative "green tech" solutions hold the key to shaping a sustainable and environmentally responsible future.

Explore ecotechnologies and incubated startups

The newly launched website is an exciting gateway to the world of ecotechnologies. It serves as a comprehensive platform, offering valuable insights into the incubator's mission, its partners like Technoport and Luxinnovation, and the initiatives undertaken.

One of the most captivating features of the website is the dedicated section showcasing the startups currently incubated at the Innovation Hub Dudelange. These pioneering companies are diligently working towards developing cutting-edge technologies that have the potential to revolutionise environmental sustainability.


Join the ecotechnologies movement

The Innovation Hub Dudelange team firmly believes that collaboration is the key to driving impactful change. The robust partnerships with Technoport and Luxinnovation enables the incubator to offer startups unparalleled access to ecotechnology experts, resources, and support.

Dudelange is the fourth largest town in Luxembourg. Based in the south of the country, bordering France, the city is committed to supporting promising and innovative ecotechnologies to reinforce its development and the growth of the entire region that was once the cradle of Luxembourg’s steel industry.

Photo: ©Silicon Luxembourg


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