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The serial entrepreneur, advisor, keynote speaker and author, Peter Hinssen, will come to Luxembourg to inaugurate Springbreak 2022. His keynote will be about innovation, disruption, systemic shift and reinventing oneself in an ever-changing world.

Unicorn start-ups are brilliant. But, let’s be honest, very few of us will start one, become one, or work for one. Most of us are connected to large companies that often struggle to keep themselves relevant for the ever-evolving customer.

That is why this keynote is about a creature that is just as mystical but perhaps more easy to identify with: the Phoenix. These are the companies that – just like this mythical bird – are able to continue to reinvent themselves in cycles: time and time again they rise from the ashes of old, and emerge stronger than ever before. They are the Walmarts, the Volvos, the Disneys, the Apples, the Microsofts, the Ping Ans, the Assa Abloys and the AT&Ts of this world.



Spread over 4 days from 10-13 March, Springbreak is a place to meet and discover. An action packed programme of concerts, insightful presentations, local exhibitors and culinary delights. Check out the full programme at https://springbreak.lu/en/visit/

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Luxexpo The Box, H7

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