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This is the launch event for BLDRS by Startup Grind Luxembourg i.e. a series of events born to rethink the traditional 1-to-many paradigm of tech conferences, empowering participants to learn and create innovation by actually getting things done. A sort of Twitch of startup events, where attendees in the crowd can witness how experienced entrepreneurs come up, build and pitch business ideas, whilst also having the opportunity to participate.

BLDRS by Startup Grind Luxembourg are public events applying the fishbowl principle: whilst three teams made by up to three selected people with startup experience or involved in the startup ecosystem will compete in an ideation challenge starting from the same given business case.

Other attendees can voluntarily join one of the teams to take part in the discussion. In particular, the fishbowl set-up allows attendees to sit at and leave team tables at every given moment to share their expertise on a specific topic or just contribute to the process with their point of view. This approach favours involvement from the audience and creates contamination opportunities with experts in specific fields. 

BLDRS by Startup grind Luxembourg's objective is fundamentally educational, hence not to generate readily marketable businesses. Rather, through creating the basis for an MVP to be tested and validated, the teams and participants can learn through experience.

Over three 2-hours events, teams and the audience will experience the complete flow of idea generation and refinement:

  • Event 1: Ideation (value proposition, business model, purpose and key assumptions)
  • Event 2: Build (market assessment, user journey, fast prototyping)
  • Event 3: Pitch (public presentation in front of investors and stakeholders of the tech ecosystem).

Join us for this launch event - wether you would like to join a team or as an attendee.

Ask us or our event partners for a discount code i.e. SHU Luxembourg Alumni, LOIC, LPEAA, LBAN, Luxinnovation.

Startup Grind

Startup Grind

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House of Startups - 9, Rue du Laboratoire, Luxembourg

6pm - 8.30pm



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