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Luxembourg ranks as the world’s most attractive environment for startups

2019 Cisco’s Digital Readiness Index has ranked Luxembourg as the world’s most attractive environment for startups, best positioned for its agility and ability to foster innovation.

Cisco’s Digital Readiness Index 2019 assesses a country’s readiness by examining seven standardised components and summarising the overall score. Luxembourg is ranked 2nd, after Singapore but ahead of leading digital nations such as the United States, Denmark, Sweden and South Korea.


The Cisco Global Digital Readiness Index has been created to help nations understand how well-positioned they are to take advantage of the benefits of digitisation”, the company states. “A holistic view of digital readiness was taken, examining multiple factors that indicate the progress that a nation has made towards digital maturity, and demonstrating areas of strength while providing guidance as to how they can invest to improve their overall readiness.


Luxembourg performs particularly well in the component Start-Up Environment, where it ranks 1st in the world.

The country ranks 3rd in the category Technology Adoption, which assesses the demand for digital products and services, and 4th for Business & Government Investment in innovation and technology.


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