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The tech-enabled e-commerce accelerator, Gonuggets, has announced a partnership with POST Luxembourg, a leading provider of postal and logistics services in Luxembourg covering the European market. Through this cooperation, Gonuggets' partner brands can now benefit from POST Luxembourg's logistic network to connect to marketplaces across Europe powered by Gonuggets.

Gonuggets, whose mission is to unlock the potential of brands on marketplaces worldwide through the use of automation and artificial intelligence, has already attracted dozens of leading digitally native brands. A few of these brands are already featured as best sellers on e-commerce platforms like Amazon within just two months of operation. This is a testament to the effectiveness of Gonuggets' innovative approach to e-commerce.

"We are thrilled to join forces with POST Luxembourg and take advantage of their cutting edge fulfillment solutions" said Mamoun Benkirane, Co-founder and CEO at Gonuggets.

"This partnership will enable us to expand our product offerings and enhance our supply chain network for a better delivery experience, ensuring that our partner brands can reach new heights of success."

Through this partnership, Gonuggets will strengthen its value for its partnered brands and provide a better customer experience by offering a wider range of products on marketplaces across all of Europe. This partnership allows POST Luxembourg to deliver its tailor-made e-commerce solutions to a wide range of different retailers in one go.

"We have come to realize that logistics is a critical pain point for scaling on marketplaces," added Mekki Mouaddeb, Co-founder and COO at Gonuggets.

"This partnership will aid us in addressing the need for a scalable logistics solution that reduces dependency on marketplace fulfillment programs."

"We are delighted to partner with Gonuggets and provide our logistics and delivery solutions to a wide range of listed e-commerce retailers," said Achim Taylor, Head of Logistics at POST Luxembourg. " This partnership is a step forward in our ongoing development of specialised logistics solutions. "


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