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On 8 December, during The Tech Talent of the Year 2021 event, Eric Falk, CTO at investre, has been awarded the 3rd Tech Talent of The Year.

Launched in 2019 by nexten.io, this year, the Tech Talent of the Year award aims to shine a spotlight on the CTOs talents of the industry. Celebrating not only the leadership, talent of the winner and the finalists, but also the successful contributions of their whole development team.

The winner, Dr. Eric Falk, is 35 years old, studied a Computer Science Master’s at Universität des Saarlandes and holds a PhD in Computer Science.

An investment application using blockchain

Besides co-founding Filedgr and being the managing director of NIUGroup, he is Head of IT at investre, a company that develops a blockchain-powered app. “Our ambition at investre is to build the number one application to buy and sell sustainable investment funds,” said Eric Falk during the event. 

The investre's investment application and how the company is leveraging blockchain were praised unanimously by the jury composed of Romain Hoffmann - LBAN, Julien Doussot - Telecom Luxembourg, Jani Percic - nexten.io and Annabelle Buffart - PwC.

A successful 3nd edition

With 104 nominees, and nearly 2,000 votes, this year’s edition was a success. 5 finalists were selected to give a presentation before a jury of industry experts. The 5 finalists also selected in this award were, Xavier Ledune - CTO at ekonoo, Julien Casse - CTO at kodehyve, Eric Falk - CTO at investre, Radu Popa - CTO at LUXHUB and Julien Gras - CTO at Technology Partners.

See you in 2022 for a new Tech Talent where we will propose different award categories to highlight the tech community in Luxembourg.


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