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BlocHome, a pioneering real estate tokenization company, has once again made headlines by acquiring its second building, a decision made through the empowered voice of its 350-strong community.

This acquisition, coupled with the community-driven revaluation of its token prices, marks a significant stride in BlocHome's innovative journey.

Jean-Paul Scheuren, co-founder of BlocHome, stated, “The community's decisive vote on both the second building acquisition and the new token pricing, along with the completion of the notary deed, represents a pivotal moment in BlocHome's evolution."

Democracy in real estate: our community takes charge

BlocHome's latest achievement, facilitated by a partnership with Boardigo, involved a fully secure digital voting process, allowing its community to actively participate in major decisions. This democratic approach in real estate showcases BlocHome's commitment to involving its community in key decision-making processes, reinforcing shareholder security and strengthening its position as a leader in the industry.

The completion of the notary deed formalises the physical registry of BlocHome's shareholders’ community. This significant step merges advanced blockchain technology with established traditional security practices, establishing BlocHome SV SA as a vanguard in protecting shareholder interests in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Breaking barriers: accessible real estate ownership

BlocHome is committed to making real estate ownership accessible to all. With a lowered entry barrier of just €100 per month, BlocHome introduces an automated progressive fractional ownership model. This innovative approach is more than an investment; it symbolises shared ownership and BlocHome's dedication to inclusivity and innovation.

Join the movement: own a part of the future

BlocHome invites you to join a movement where your investment means having a voice in a community that is reshaping the real estate landscape. BlocHome is not just about investing; it's about owning a part of the future, together.

BlocHome.com is an innovative real estate tokenization platform. It democratizes property investment by allowing fractional ownership through digital tokens. The platform emphasizes community-driven decision-making, enabling token holders to participate in major property decisions. By leveraging blockchain technology, BlocHome ensures secure and transparent transactions, making real estate investment accessible and inclusive for a broader audience.


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