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AI startup Yotako redefining Web Design with Adobe, gains recognition and Funding Milestones with the Tech Giant.

Yotako, the dynamic start-up specialising in harnessing AI technology to seamlessly convert Adobe XD and Figma web designs into WordPress websites, has achieved a remarkable milestone in its transformative journey alongside
global software giant Adobe.

This strategic collaboration, which commenced in 2018, has not only solidified Yotako's position as a recognised player in the design ecosystem but has also garnered strategic financial support from Adobe in August 2023, marking a significant chapter in their partnership.

Adobe MAX 2018

Yotako was selected by Adobe along with a few companies around the world (including Slack, Google or
Dribble) to be featured in Adobe MAX.

The partnership between Yotako and Adobe began during the annual Adobe Max conference in Los Angeles. Adobe had previously introduced Adobe XD, a dedicated program for mobile app and web design and unveiled at Adobe MAX a new XD version with enhanced features, including external plugin integration. Yotako's groundbreaking plugin
bridged the gap between design and development, making it possible to bring designs to life without coding expertise.

The collaboration with Adobe was more than integration; it represented recognition and mutual benefit.

This partnership is, first and foremost, a recognition from a giant like Adobe of our work. Alfonso García Frey, Yotako's founder and CEO


Yotako's technology was readily available to Adobe's clients, enhancing their creative workflows and offering new
revenue opportunities.

With users across the United States, Europe, India, Japan, and beyond, Yotako anticipates rapid user base expansion. In 2022, the company secured one million euros in fundraising, and in August 2023, Adobe wanted again to support the development and integrations of the Luxembourgish based AI startup, by financially supporting them with additional funding from the Adobe Fund for Design, further strengthening their commitment to the design ecosystem.

An already successful partnership with Adobe

Adobe's strategic acquisition of Figma underscores the growing importance of design within its ecosystem. Yotako's innovative approach to automating web design into WordPress websites using AI technology continues to play a vital role in this evolving landscape.

WordPress, with 810 million websites representing 43.1% of the internet, remains a dominant force in the digital realm. Yotako's expertise in seamlessly integrating Adobe XD and Figma designs into WordPress websites reinforces its relevance.

The partnership between Yotako and Adobe, initiated in 2018, has evolved into a remarkable collaboration marked by innovation and mutual success. Yotako's recent recognition as a Fund for Design by Adobe Express partner ecosystem in August 2023 underscores its significant contribution to the design industry.

We are incredibly pleased with what we've achieved, and we look forward to what lies ahead, bolstered by Adobe's renewed support and funding. Alfonso García Frey, the Founder and CEO


This journey exemplifies the power of collaboration, innovation, and shared goals in the technology and design world. With a dedicated team of experts in different fields, Yotako anticipates even more exciting possibilities in the future, further solidifying its position as a pioneering force in AI-driven web design automation.


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