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The Luxembourg Private Equity Association (LPEA) launched a VC Guide in November 2022 to highlight this community, which plays a key role for the startup ecosystem.

Which are the venture capital (VC) firms active in Luxembourg? In what areas do they invest? What are the maturity levels of the companies they support? The answers to these questions were until now difficult to know for those who were not directly in contact with each venture capitalists.

Thanks to the comprehensive VC Guide produced by the Luxembourg Private Equity Association (LPEA) in partnership with Silicon Luxembourg, extensive knowledge about this community of investors is now only a click away. In addition to the online version, a printed version can be ordered directly from Silicon Luxembourg.

The number of VC firms operating from Luxembourg has dramatically increased over the recent years, and today it is more complicated to navigate and target the right VCs,” says Luis Galveias, COO of LPEA.

He adds: “In parallel, VCs are very busy and want to be approached by start-ups which match their main investment strategy. We are convinced that the market was in need of a VC Guide and therefore decided to partner up with Silicon Luxembourg to execute this project and deliver this constructive industry effort.”

A great added value for Luxembourg startups

The contribution of VCs is crucial for the development of the start-up ecosystem as they provide the necessary funds for accelerating the growth and internationalisation of start-ups.

“VCs play a very important role in the local startup ecosystem, because local VCs are very involved in sharing knowledge with founders,” argues Patrick Kersten, Chairman of the Luxembourg startups association Startups.lu.

“Luxembourg has a booming ecosystem and we are starting to see more and more success stories. I’m convinced that the VC community is increasingly interested in investing in our local startups,” adds Jonas Mercier, Coordinator of Startup Luxembourg.


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