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Open platform to drive the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry by digitising production processes and embracing the power of artificial intelligence.




Provide national and international startups with a direct access to the right ecosystem partner to develop their business 


Represent Luxembourg’s startup ecosystem and showcase its advantages at major international events.

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“ Luxembourg has a strong pioneering and industrial heritage where startups benefit from the help of main players and the skills needed.”
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Jean-Philippe Hugo
Founder and CEO of Wizata

How did you start your entrepreneurial adventure?

I am a computer developer by training, and with three of my old bosses in an IT company, we decided to create Wizata. During my professional experience with clients in the industrial sector, in particular heavy industry, I was very quickly confronted with the complexity of production scenarios. I decided to develop innovative solutions to improve processes on production lines, and to use the best of data science and AI to optimise manufacturing processes. Industries specialised in the transformation of raw materials such as steel, glass, lime, chemicals, etc. are often equipped with old heavy machinery running on old industrial processes. Several factors are involved in the production of the final materials, starting with the variable quality of raw materials, which makes the transformation processes inherently unstable. Our challenge is to improve efficiency in real time by reducing the rate of raw material waste and energy, while making the machines more durable in order to avoid unplanned and very expensive downtime.

Why did you decide to stay in Luxembourg once you had entered the international market?

Wizata was created in Luxembourg and developed internationally from here. It is an attractive destination for young professionals with its high quality of life compared to bigger cities, great infrastructure and a good mix between nature and high tech. The country fosters a fertile ecosystem at the heart of the European industrial centre of the Greater Region, which makes even more sense for an Industry 4.0 startup like Wizata. We are able to connect with both global industrial companies and an experienced and competent workforce.

What are now your plans for the future of Wizata?

The next step is to be able to establish strong partnerships in the market in order to complete our offer and offer it in more geographical areas and sectors. It is very difficult for a company or start-up to offer its services to the whole world while trying to rely on its own resources. You need to work with partners, not only to reach more customers but also to consolidate your offer and make it even more complete. This is a key step in the development of Wizata. At the same time, we will continue to invest in the innovation and development of our platform.

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