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UFODRIVE makes car rental simple, easy, fast, convenient and very cool. Entirely using our smartphone UFODRIVE App, customers can experience an incredible electric ride with the Tesla Model S or any other premium car from our 100% electric fleet.

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Provide national and international startups with a direct access to the right ecosystem partner to develop their business 


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Year of establishment in Luxembourg


UFO Drive in numbers


countries to date and 35 employees

150 000

connected chargers on our network

Over 2 millions

KG in CO2 emissions saved by our customers 











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“In Luxembourg, there is terrific support, both from the government and the local business community. Additionally, the people here are largely tech native and environmentally conscious, making them the perfect demographic for the UFODRIVE experience.”
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Aidan McClean
CEO & Co-founder of UFODRIVE​

How did you start your entrepreneurial adventure?  

The idea for UFODRIVE came as the result of a particularly frustrating customer experience while I rented a car for business. Car rental was an old-fashioned industry with outdated business practices and little regard for customer service and I wondered what the perfect car rental experience would look like.  

Approaching the problem from the ground up with a customer-centric lens, on my flight home that day I planned out the concept for what would become UFODRIVE, including our eight guiding principles - easy booking, no queueing (arrive and drive), no paperwork, great cars, transparent all-inclusive pricing, no confusing insurance options, no refuelling and great value for money. I partnered with UFODRIVE COO and co-founder Renaud Marquet, having worked together previously, and UFODRIVE as a company was born.  

From the very beginning, UFODRIVE was designed to be a fully electric, fully contactless experience. This is because UFODRIVE is a purpose driven organisation, on a mission to help the environment by operating a zero-carbon organisation, off-setting carbon already in the atmosphere through reforestation with every rental and finally, by guiding and helping countless customers on their journey to electric. Both through UFODRIVE’s unique car rental offering and its revolutionary SaaS eMobility Platform, the company make it easy for customers to make sustainable choices, moving away from fossil fuels and towards a clean, green, electric future.    

Why did you decide to stay in Luxembourg once you had entered the international market? 

Aside from the fact both co-founders, Renaud Marquet and myself have been living and working in Luxembourg for years, it's also a terrific place to start and operate a business. Strategically it's located in the heart of Europe, allowing for the companies to expand out from there and provide a centralised base of operations. Additionally, there is terrific support, both from the government and the local business community. This kind of support and connection was a key success factor for UFODRIVE in the early days and continues to be. Finally, the people of Luxembourg are largely tech native and environmentally conscious, making them the perfect demographic for the UFODRIVE experience.  

What are now your plans for the future of UFO Drive? 

UFODRIVE is going global! Following the acquisition of funding in January of 2022, the company has focused on recruitment, scaling up and expanding its presence in several key markets. Notably, UFODRIVE will be launching in the USA in July of 2022 with further US and European locations also opening during Q3 and Q4 of 2022, including Frankfurt International Airport, a location in Italy, a location in Spain and much more. 

UFODRIVE is also focusing on their state-of-the-art eMobility platform for seamless fleet transition to electric.  

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