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Success stories

From startup to scale-up

They made it from Luxembourg

Today they are international, employing tens or hundreds of people and generating revenues of millions of euros. They all started in Luxembourg with a brilliant idea, the passion and the desire to succeed in their entrepreneurial adventure.


Monitoring of the promotion, optimisation and protection of brands and their reputation on social networks, with offices around the world.

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Open platform to drive the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry by digitising the production processes and embracing the power of artificial intelligence.

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Ping Pong

Provider of innovative financial solutions to enable the world of global e commerce.

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Personalised online medical appointments app, depending on the language, specialty and location.

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UFODRIVE makes car rental simple, easy, fast, convenient and very cool. Entirely using our smartphone UFODRIVE App, customers can experience an incredible electric ride with the Tesla Model S or any other premium car from our 100% electric fleet.

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