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Provider of innovative financial solutions to enable the world of global e commerce.




Provide national and international startups with a direct access to the right ecosystem partner to develop their business 


Represent Luxembourg’s startup ecosystem and showcase its advantages at major international events.

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“Luxembourg was the obvious choice for PingPong to set up our European headquarters. As the financial hub of Europe, we received great support from the local regulators, banking partners and access to the vast talent pool available to support our growth."
Aaron Shuai Lu-min
Aaron Shuai LU
Co-founder of PingPong

How did you hear about Luxembourg?

We know Luxembourg and are interested in this country since long. In the World Expo 2010 hosted in Shanghai, the Luxembourg Pavilion impressed us greatly when we saw the rough but strong steel skeleton, green vineyard and shining Gëlle Fra. Moreover, these years, we received more news about this country when the Economic cooperation was increasing between China and Luxembourg. We’d never seen an Western country like Luxembourg, small but vibrant.

Why did you decide to choose Luxembourg to open your European headquarters and to enter the European market?

When PingPong was seeking for a strategic base to start expanding its European business, we ever took into consideration several financial centers, including the biggest metropolis in European countries. We were convinced that Luxembourg was an ideal place for investment, because of its fast growing economy, amicable Financial environment, open-mind to international investors and talents, and also for its reputation as “Heart of Europe”. Set up as European headquarters of PingPong Group, PingPong Europe is laying a solid business foundation based on Luxembourg and has achieved prominent growth since 2017, helping sellers across the world to pay and to collect for their e-Commerce trade in Europe.

What are now your plans for the future of PingPong in Europe?

Impacted by the recent pandemic of COVID-19, more and more sellers and consumers are choosing e-Commerce as the most preferred trade channel. As a Luxembourg based company, we see huge demand for expertized payment services to facilitate the cross-border e-Commerce trade from European sellers. In the future, we’ll focus more on European sellers, relying on our license in Luxembourg to provide more personalized and localized payment services.

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