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5 tips for a good elevator pitch

Fit 4 Start is a competitive programme. More than 300 startups apply from all over the world for each edition. Only 15 will be selected. The video elevator pitch that applicants are asked to provide as part of their application can make the difference. So take your time to do it right.

  • Lighting: make sure your face is well lit. Avoid having a window right behind you as this is a source of light, and the contrast will make your face look shaded on the screen. It is better to have a window facing you as the light from outside is good. You can also use a desk lamp to illuminate your face.
  • Positioning: Whether you are standing or sitting, the camera you are using should be at the same height as your eyes. Don't keep your arms dangling or resting on a table. Use them to support what you are saying.
  • The frame: It is important to have a well-composed frame. A white wall can do the trick but it offers no perspective. If you have the opportunity, choose a room with a little more depth. You can add a green plant to give colour and volume.
  • Sound: Sound is almost as important as the image. Don't hesitate to put on your headphones. If you are using your computer's microphone, try to stay close to it to avoid echoes.
  • Diction: Tell a story as if you were telling a friend. Don't speak too fast, don't recite, but try to put yourself in the shoes of an actor at an audition. Don't hesitate to look at yourself after recording and do it again to correct any mistakes you might make.

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Finally, remember that your application will be one among others. The committee of experts in charge of pre-selection will have hundreds of elevator pitches to view.
So keep it simple, without using too technical terms.
And smile!