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Fit 4 Start #14
Selected startups

Digital ventures


CodeClarity helps enhance product security and reduce cybersecurity costs, helps prioritize active development as well as increase license compliance, across all languages, all made possible by using our innovative plugin system.


Kaveat is an AI-powered contracting platform that simplifies and automates the contract lifecycle for media & entertainment companies, empowering businesses to efficiently process contracts and gain a competitive edge through data-driven insights, industry benchmarks, and automatic AI-redlined contracts.


KAPITAL is providing the tools for capital allocators to positively shape the world, by making it easy to raise and deploy capital at 10x reduced cost and half the time.

Safe AI

Our vision is to pioneer the development of AI for the purpose of enhancing safety.
We are on a mission to ensure a secure and protected life by establishing AI standards that serve as a safeguard for both people and the environment.


MON5 protect all industrial machinery and factory from hacker attack. Hacker are specializing in attack direct to industrial hardware in order to stop logistic, production process and strategic infrastructures such as power plant, satellite communication, production plant, etc. Today all factory, plants and machinery are connected but not protected from this new type of cyber attack: MON5 is the solution for companies and government.

Äerd Lab

Äerd Lab 3D prints sustainable, clay-based, self-drying bricks and accommodations, which are made for purpose and adapted to the needs of the occupant, using robotic arms, drones and locally sourced materials, even in remote and hard-to-reach locations.




ClimateCamp is the most collaborative sustainability platform for the Food & Beverage industry that simplifies Scope 3 emissions management through supplier engagement on emissions data, targets & action plans.

reLi Energy

reLi develops innovative software solutions for optimizing energy storage systems . reLi’s smart
management extends battery life up to 35% and increases profits by up to 70% by optimizing
battery operations.


Trace Crystal

Trace Crystal removes the losses of high-value goods producers due to customers buying counterfeits instead of their original products and from returns without item traceability. We add value by creating trust in authenticity for which customers are willing to pay a premium.


FabstWines is connecting winemakers and consumers with AI and data-driven technology.
We are building a platform that creates personalized, individual taste profiles for enthusiasts and data analytical insights for winemakers.




Invoport is the new generation of the fund administration.
It’s a platform that digitizes the daily operations of the investment funds to increase productivity of the administration team and improve the quality of their deliverables such as the financial reporting, in addition to providing the investors with an online portal to monitor the fund performance.

HealthTech ventures

Relisten by REcog

Relisten (by Recog) is a medical note taking automation software based on AI that specializes in in-person, multi-language patient-doctor interactions to generate structured, medical-language clinical notes.





The Sonia B2B SaaS solution automates medical documentation & coding for dentists enabling them to free up to 25% of their time for additional treatments and reducing process costs by up to 50%.




Parrots provides neurocare solutions for patients and healthcare providers through SaaS software. Our product Polly is a generative AI platform that acts as an independent BRAIN, providing personalized assistance to both patients and their care team to create higher continuity, independence, and quality of care. Our approach to caregiving and customizable care plans reduces healthcare costs and increases patient independence.

PsyTech VR

PsyTech VR is a scenario-based micro-training VR system for Mental health and Wellness. We are addressing the lack of effective mental health care by offering a virtual reality therapy system that provides personalised immersive experiences to help users overcome negative emotions, including fears, phobias, anxieties.




INVITROLIZE commercializes ALIsens®, developed in Luxembourg by LIST, the only available test to identify respiratory sensitizers. Currently industry has no way to predict already early in product development the hazard that a new inhalable material may induce respiratory sensitization. However, respiratory sensitization is a serious problem as more than 300 million people are globally affected by asthma and other sensitization related diseases.

Space ventures


Uplift360 has developed a chemical recycling solution designed to dissolve advanced materials commonly used in space applications, allowing for the creation of new materials.




At Thermalytica, our breakthrough TIISA® technology transforms insulation with an advanced superinsulation material. It adapts for space and terrestrial applications, delivering unparalleled insulation performance and dynamic control over heat transfer for cutting-edge and sustainable space applications.


BeyondEx turns Space data into natural language conversations. Our AI-driven platform lets businesses make data-backed decisions with simple queries. Transforming satellite insights into actionable intelligence has never been this easy.

Symbiose Management

Symbiose Management is a fintech with a positive impact on the environment. We believe that finance has a role to play in decarbonizing our economy. This is why we want to help the asset managers to invest in nature and fight climate change by creating the symbiosis between nature and finance. We use space technology in the service of nature to support a better sustainable finance bringing more transparency, more safety and get a higher return.