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Fit 4 Start Eligibility

Key requirements about the programme



Who can apply for Fit 4 Start?

The following conditions are applicable to startups who should:

  • There is no prerequisite for Applicants to have incorporated a company at the application stage.
  • If the Applicant already incorporated a company, this should be no older than 5 years at the opening date of the respective Fit 4 Start call – for non-autonomous entities the assessment is performed at group level.
  • If the Applicant already incorporated a company, this must meet the small enterprise criteria.
  • The Applicant team must be composed of a minimum of two people, with at least one person working full time on the realisation of the Fit 4 Start project and attending all sessions during the Coaching Phase of the Programme.
  • Participants must be at least 18 years of age or older as of the starting date of the Programme.

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