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The applications are closed


Thank you for your interest in our Fit 4 Start programme.  
Applications for our 10th edition are now closed.

Here is what comes next :
20 January 2020 : End – call for applications
3 February 2020 : Final selection
26 March 2020 : Pitching & Graduation Day in Luxembourg
Good luck!

Grow your ideas at the center of Europe

Luxembourg is strategically located at the heart of Europe and is referred to as “the gateway to the European market”. Its history has given the country a great agility to adapt to the challenges and the changing economic environment which -along with a real accessibility to decision-makers- is highly appreciated by young and innovative companies from abroad.

Historically, this ecosystem has developed under the impetus of the public sector, with the establishment of the first incubators such as Technoport in 1998. Since then, the start-up landscape has been consolidating through various public and private initiatives leading to the development of a complete ecosystem dedicated to the creation and acceleration of innovative start-ups. In addition to hosting facilities, Luxembourg offers a wide range of support services for young entrepreneurs, including those provided by Luxinnovation, the House of Startups and the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology (Lhoft), in a context where the ambition of the country is to implement a data-driven and sustainable economy.

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