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Guy Schumann, RSS-Hydro

Fit 4 Start was a really great experience, fantastic learning curve, absolutely loved our coaches, and without the programme, we wouldn’t have been able to develop a successful commercial product so fast! 

Andrea Danielli, Mopso

“The Luxembourg startup scene is open and it is easy to connect with interesting people. I am really thankful to be here to network with various actors. I am looking forward to further build our presence in the Grand-Duchy after an intense and fruitful Fit 4 Start coaching phase. ” 

Jan Van Baelen, The Lunar Grid

“Fit 4 Start is a unique accelerator. During the programme we were constantly pushed out of our comfort zone to better understand the customer perspective, which eventually led us to a sharp pivot. Under guidance of the expert coaches we then materialised the full business case. Looking back, it is a blast how much progress we made in just the 6 months.” 

Claudio Geyken, RiDERgy

“Participating in the Fit 4 Start programme helped us to clarify our strategy, finding partners and customers, prolonging our runway and improve our case towards investors. Being in Luxembourg allows us to move fast in a close-knit environment and expanding our business internationally from a very international, central European location.” 

Kévin Muller, Passbolt

« During the programme we learned how important it is to constantly experiment and validate your own hypotheses with people. While testing which one among our potential offers could interest customers, we actually managed to do our first sales and got a lot of interesting feedbacks. This phase definitely produced positive results. »

Pierre Barreau, AIVA Technologies

“We got to know Luxembourg’s startup scene and its opportunities. More precisely, we learned how to target the right groups, how to communicate effectively and how to use the lean startup methodology to prepare the launch of our product on the market.” 

Maxime Delmée, AM 4 AM

I learned a lot from F4S in terms of my entrepreneurial journey and our company was able to consolidate the correct action plan. The launch of our product is also part of and thanks to Fit 4 Start.” 

Meysam Minoufekr, Dropslab Technology

“Fit 4 Start and the coaches opened our eyes – it’s different having an idea in the HT sector specifically and then having a product behind it. There are regulatory and financial aspects to consider. What was very important to us was to pinpoint and address the exact problem.” 

Fonny Bunjamin, Vestis Labs

“The Fit 4 Start programme has given Vestis Labs a focus that was beneficial to push the project forward. Not only that, we have definitely benefited from the increase of network, visibility and credibility. The mentors have been incredibly helpful in giving guidance to the startups. Luxembourg has a strong startup ecosystem with supports from the government. It has a diverse pool of international talents which is quite unique for a small country.”