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Edition #11 graduated startups

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Hear from participants

Romain Guillaud, Polaar Energy

“So far, we can name two things as our biggest achievements: First, we truly became a team that works as one and second, we secured some key partnerships for our startup project” 

Costantin Bignoli, Metri

“Getting accepted to the programme was a very big achievement. Then getting our MVP ready to use and functional. The next one will be closing our first client.” 

Ambuj Agrawal, Zappy

“Our proudest moment was when we validated our product and enabled our client to save a minimum of 30 minutes per day per employee with Zappy.” 

Stéphane Panier, Qwerteach

“Thanks to Fit 4 Start, we’ve realised how little we knew about who our customers were, and why – really – they used our product” 

Alexandros Trepeklis, Yollty

“In less than a year we accomplished a lot: we developed Yollty, adjusted the app quickly, put it into the app store and now companies are already beginning to pay for the service. Of course, composing a great team and making it into the Fit 4 Start programme count as big achievements as well.” 

Antoine Granjon, Adapti

“ I have to admit it used to be a bit difficult for us to define priorities and focus on essential tasks first. Fit 4 Start, the lean startup methodology and the programme schedule helped us to improve time management and concretise our project.”

Olivier Chatillon, Klap

“The lean startup approach is a very useful methodology. We learnt how important it is to launch a product very early, test it with real users and get feedback promptly” 

Kevin Colgan, Houser

“Fit 4 Start allowed us to step back from our day-to-day development work and focus on the company strategy and identify concrete steps to get to where we wanted to go. By focusing on challenging your assumptions early, and speaking to potential customers, Fit 4 Start helped us to get into markets that we had previously considered as ‘too hard’.”

Kévin Muller, Passbolt

« During the programme we learned how important it is to constantly experiment and validate your own hypotheses with people. While testing which one among our potential offers could interest customers, we actually managed to do our first sales and got a lot of interesting feedbacks. This phase definitely produced positive results. »

Pierre Barreau, AIVA Technologies

“We got to know Luxembourg’s startup scene and its opportunities. More precisely, we learned how to target the right groups, how to communicate effectively and how to use the lean startup methodology to prepare the launch of our product on the market.”