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15 December 2023

WIDE ANDCO, as part of its “Women in Digital Empowerment" programme, organised its yearly Women Founders (8th edition) conference on the evening of November 30, 2023. The event was supported by the MEGA (Ministère de l'Égalité des genres et de la diversité).

WIDE ANDCO had the pleasure of welcoming inspiring women, either entrepreneurs or venture capitalists, sharing their experiences and challenges in their field of expertise, during a fire chat and a panel discussion.

The event started with a fire chat between Samaher Garbaya Space engineer, tech entrepreneur, founder & CCO at Myelin-H, a neurotechnology company that provides healthcare professionals with software to monitor and diagnose neurological diseases remotely and in real-time, and Myriam Rachid Bonhomme, one of our moderators for the night.

They notably discussed the importance of having a strong advice report from day one and a strong team of people who believe in the company’s mission. She also left a word of encouragement by stating: “Never ever give up! Be persistent!”.

New call for projects

The Venture Capitalists' panel moderated by Céline Schmitt-Arnould included Irene Prota, Investment Manager at Porsche Ventures, a corporate venture capital firm, Lily Wang, Partner at Expon Capital, a venture capital firm, headquartered in Luxembourg focusing on new technology, and  Lynn Zoenen, Principal at Alpine Space Ventures, a leading European investment fund manager in the new space sector.

They shared what it means to be a VC in terms of responsibilities and even gave us an insight into their day-to-day job. They also gave the audience precious advice on pitfalls to avoid at all costs as a startup willing to raise funds.

After the panel discussion, WIDE ANDCO announced a new call-for-projects. In addition to supporting all new women-led projects ventures as part of their mission, WIDE ANDCO is also offering to support women entrepreneurs with designing and co-financing their first Minimum Viable Product.


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