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Tomorrow Street, recently launched its new programme called Scaleup X which aims to help Vodafone find exciting scaleups and trial their innovative technologies with the longer term goal of establishing some of these young companies in Luxembourg.

In early 2023, Tomorrow Street gathered innovation asks from around Vodafone related to the company’s key focus areas of Customers, Simplicity, and Growth. Tomorrow Street responded to the call by meticulously selecting a roster of 20 companies that stood out for their innovative technology solutions.

Participants of the Scaleup X programme, inaugurated in early 2023, received extensive coaching to gear up for their introductions to Vodafone. Corporate partners – Accenture, Salesforce, Celfocus and Prodapt enriched the experience, providing the cohort with invaluable insights and opportunities to collaborate with industry experts.

The Scaleup X cohort in Luxembourg

This October 2023, the 20 Scaleup X companies were invited to Luxembourg for a two-day event that enabled the participants to create a mini exhibition for Vodafone’s Procurement leaders to explore and interact with each of the companies. Furthermore, the event offered the Scaleup X participants an opportunity to understand and network with Luxembourg’s technology ecosystem.

The Scaleup X cohort features scaleups working across a wide range of technologies and solutions, including generative AI, synthetic data, workflow automation, IoT, and customer experience analytics.

We have a mission to bring great companies to Vodafone, but we also have a mission to attract companies to Luxembourg. So, if we bring 20 companies to SCALEUP X, the plan is that many of those will win some sort of opportunity with Vodafone, and we can secure a subset of those to join us in Luxembourg as well.” Kenneth Graham, CEO at Tomorrow Street

Visit the Tomorrow Street website here, to learn more about the Scaleup X 2023 Cohort.


Tomorrow Street – a joint venture between Vodafone Group and Technoport – accelerates leading-edge technology through partnering with young tech companies and helping them scale across Vodafone’s global ecosystem. Furthermore, it aims to identify future innovative suppliers for Vodafone that can support its digital transformation and deliver new propositions to help the business and its customers; additionally supporting the Luxembourg tech ecosystem by attracting young companies to Luxembourg.


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