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Expo Live is an initiative that funds and accelerates creative solutions from around the world, ensuring a sustainable, prosperous future for all.

Nash fintechX is part of the Expo Live Innovation Programme, which was initiated under Expo 2020 Dubai and continues as part of Expo City Dubai, promoting and accelerating creative solutions that improve lives in the world.

The Innovation Programme has to date received 12,200+ applications from startups from 186 countries and selected 176 Global Innovators (ventures) from 90 countries, that are making a positive contribution to our lives. This year, its sixth cycle focused on sustainability and climate-related solutions and selected 36 ventures from 34 countries to receive funding, technical guidance and the opportunity to participate at COP28, which Expo City will host later this year.

Nash fintechX is excited to showcase DCarbonX during this global event.

Targeting carbon credits market

The carbon credit market size was $25.35 billion in 2022 and is expected to rise to $145 billion by 2030 as per Market Research report. Carbon credits are employed to enable reduction in carbon emissions.

Some corporates are unable to bring about this reduction on their own and hence purchase carbon credits to compensate for their greenhouse gas emissions. Many corporates are also revolutionising their internal methodologies to reduce carbon emissions and generate carbon credits for sale to others in need.

The carbon credits market targeted by DCarbonX is the main segment of the economy that would help to achieve the climate goals of 2030 and reach net zero by 2050, when compared to the voluntary carbon offsets market.

A blockchain-based carbon market

Nash fintechX is a Luxembourg-based SaaS company that is focussing on helping institutions achieve the Paris Climate Accords in tandem with their individual climate goals.

The company has come forward with DCarbonX, which is a blockchain-based carbon market facilitating trading of carbon credits with increased efficiency, transparency, and ease of auditing.

DCarbonX provides a primary and secondary market for issuance, sale and trading of verified carbon credits. Nash fintechX supports DCarbonX by providing institutions with the additional option to offset carbon emissions, and a calculator to measure the environmental impact of individuals’ helping to build a carbon-neutral society.

The solution is cloud-based and utilises Algorand blockchain to provide DCarbonX to the clients.

International recognition

DCarbonX was also ranked second for the SDG Global Talent Award 2023 for SDG 13 – Climate Action in an event in Norway, which was backed by the World Economic Forum.

The solution has also been certified as an innovative, economic project by DRIEETS in France, where the company was in the incubation program by EuraTechnologies.

The company was ranked amongst the top 100 ESG companies in 2022, and is listed in ADGM Digital Labs, Abu Dhabi. The company is also a part of Google Cloud for Startups and Microsoft for Startups program.

The Founder and CEO of Nash fintechX, Dr. Nida Khan, holds an industrial PhD in computer science, where her research on blockchain applications in fintech was accorded the Luxembourg grant for innovative, industrial projects. She was also a winner of the Venture Capital Scholar program, organised by Middlegame Ventures and Luxembourg House of Financial Technology.

The company is actively seeking partners to expand its outreach and consumer base - contact@nashfintechx.com


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