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Yollty raises €1 million in funding

One of the pioneering start-ups in the Fit4Start programme is developing a solution to help local businesses, anywhere in the world, to go digital.

After being one of the first start-ups to be part of Fit4Start Program and after already raising 200 000€ in a past seed round Yollty has managed to raise an additional 1 Million euros in order to grow quicker and strengthen their position in key countries.

The company is working on a new project that will bring local businesses all the complicated tools that are normally used by Digital Marketers, but in a much more user-friendly fashion.

Alexandros Trepeklis_Carre“We decided to wait for the best moment for us before raising funds and not raise funds just to raise funds. We believe in a sustainable growth that will help us grow in the future, both as a team and as a business in a sustainable way. We have been working closely with local businesses, especially in Luxembourg to make sure our solution was easy to use and easy to implement.”
Said Alexandros Trepeklis, CEO and Founder of Yollty.

More than 1,000 customers in more than 70 countries

Four years after its creation, and in a time particularly difficult for local businesses, Yollty counts more than 1,000 customers in more than 70 countries with a growing team.

Despite a delay of one year in the fund raising due to covid 19, Yollty worked with the LBAN (Luxembourg Business Angel Network), private investors and the Ministry of the Economy of Luxembourg to finalize this round.